We offer a wide range of strategic, policy and regulatory services for network industries, including:

GOS Consulting offers services covering the entire range of regulatory challenges faced by companies in network industries. We have experience in designing regulatory frameworks and policies for governments and regulators from the ground up, advising companies on regulatory strategy, policy and lobbying and building regulatory accounting and cost models.

GOS Consulting is well experienced in advising companies with regard to strategy, be it regulatory or commercial strategy. Our work has included advising new market entrants, business planning and modelling for a range of companies, setting up new wholesale businesses and modelling and advising on pricing strategy at both the retail and wholesale level.
GOS has advised parties on all sides of competition economics – government regulators, incumbent telecoms providers and the companies looking to challenge their market dominance. We have undertaken many market reviews, focusing on the existence of SMP, collective dominance claims, margin squeeze analysis and predatory pricing, among other things. Where distortions in competition have been found, we have helped design and lobby for specific remedies to address problems.
GOS Consulting has vast experience in the ever-changing telecommunications market. As new technology becomes available, policies and regulations must shift to account for advances and changes in the way businesses are run and services are delivered to customers. GOS has experience in lobbying for regulatory changes, from writing position papers to drafting responses to consultations, GOS is equipped to deal with any requirements your business might have.
GOS are able to provide advice on all aspects of wholesale service delivery. We have experience in advising on strategy, operation and pricing. Our work has included setting up interconnection frameworks and reference offers, advising on wholesale operational processes, designing appropriate access regulations for next-generation operators, regulatory accounting and cost modelling, margin squeeze analysis and access regulation policy design.
GOS Consulting is proficient in all aspects of licensing for network industries. We have experience in drafting license terms for regulators, running and operating spectrum license auctions and drafting license applications for a number of operators in both fixed and mobile markets. We also have experience in investigations into potential breaches of license terms by operators.
GOS Consulting has experience right through the investment appraisal process, including advising on investment strategy, identifying potential acquisition targets, investment valuation, due diligence and post-acquisition structural and operational integration.
GOS Consulting has provided expert witness testimony in a number of cases. Gita Sorensen has provided expert testimony on both commercial and regulatory matters across a number of areas, including both fixed and mobile telecoms.


  • Regulators, policy-makers, dominant providers, market entrants, Investors and suppliers to network industries.


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