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Conferences and Seminars

Gita Sorensen has been a frequent speaker at international conferences, including in The UK, other EU Countries, Central Eastern Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and The Caribbean.

She has presented on topics such as:

  • Market Definition for competition reviews

  • EU Market

  • Review processes

  • Number Portability

  • Costing Methodologies in telecommunications regulation

  • Regulatory Policy setting

  • Regulatory Reform

  • Net Neutrality

  • Interconnection and Access (a wide range of sub-topics covered)

  • Retail price Regulation

  • The Impact of Convergence in electronic communications

  • Next Generation Network (NGN) regulation

  • Next Generation Access (NGA) regulation and Regulatory Dispute Resolution.

Ms. Sorensen has additionally led workshops in at international conferences as well as designed and delivered bespoke seminars and workshops for governments, regulators or operators in the sector. The topics covered mirror those on which she has spoken at conferences.


Regulatory reform (The Bahamas) (1)
Initially as advisor to the Government of The Bahamas, designed complete regulatory reform of telecommunications and Cable TV regulation, including conducting public consultations, drafting policy papers, presenting to cabinet and leading industry workshops on topics including interconnection, universal service, licensing, number portability, spectrum, market dominance reviews, retail price regulation and the role and responsibilities of an independent regulatory authority. Then worked with legal counsel to draft new legislation and established new regulator and competition authority.

Regulatory reform (The Bahamas) (2)
As an advisor to URCA (the competition and regulatory authority of The Bahamas), led the implementation of the regulatory framework, including drafting and issuing licences, undertaking market and dominance reviews of all electronic communications markets (including CATV), designed remedies and negotiated with providers on implementation of remedies.

Introduction of Competition in Greenland
Providing wide-ranging consultancy support to TELE Greenland, the incumbent provider in Greenland, during the liberalisation process. This includes review of proposed liberalisation process and policy, comments on specific proposed regulations, support to achieve compliance with regulation and strategic support for successful operation in a competitive regulated markets.

Introduction of EU Directives to new EU Country (Poland)
Led a main task in a PHARE (Poland and Hungary: Assistance for Restructuring their Economies) capacity development project, assisting the Ministry and the NRA in ensuring compliance with EU Directives. This covered the areas of interconnection and access, data collection and publication and the role of the NRA. The project involved extensive training of the regulator’s staff and development of formal frameworks for the regulator to perform its services in accordance with the EU directives.

Capacity Building of telecommunication regulator (Turkey)
Led an EU project in Turkey for one year to develop capacity in the Turkish telecommunications regulator (the TA), covering the following subjects: Universal service, LRIC Modelling for fixed and mobile interconnection charges, and Accounting Separation. The project included many workshops with the TA and with other stakeholders as well as other capacity-building activities as well as producing documents and models for the TA to deploy.

Liberalisation of telecommunications and creation of interconnection regulations (Kuwait)
For the Government of Kuwait led a project to analyse market conditions, design interconnection framework and develop an independent regulatory authority.

Regulatory reform (Bermuda)
As Advisor to the Government of Bermuda, designed complete regulatory reform of telecommunications regulation, including conducting public consultations, drafting policy papers, presenting to cabinet and leading industry workshops on topics including interconnection, universal service, licensing, number portability, spectrum, market dominance reviews, retail price regulation as well as the role and responsibilities of an independent regulatory authority.

Set-up of new regulator (Guernsey)
Assisted in creating a new regulatory authority for telecommunications, Post and energy in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the British Channel islands. This included developing the telecommunications liberalisation schedule and negotiate with the potential purchasers of the state-owned operator; creation of all basic regulatory structures, universal Service, Interconnection, Accounting Separation, Licensing and several others; and drafting policy documents and undertaking extensive public consultation processes.


New market entry support (Europe)
Assisting a new MVNO in assessing commercial and regulatory conditions for market entry across Europe (EU and non-EU), including data protection and on-line procurement issues as well as licensing and commercial negotiation support.

Set-up new consultancy business (UK/worldwide)
Created GOS Consulting Ltd in 2001 and ran it as a successful and profitable consultancy business until it was acquired by KPMG LLP in 2008.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business planning and modelling (Russia)
Advised a start-up MVNO on business planning and modelling as well as on negotiation strategy with mobile network operators. This included producing a template business plan into which the MVNO could enter different variable to test sensitivities to terms proposed by the network providers.

Set-up new wholesale business (UK)
Created and managed a Carrier’s Carrier business, including managing its interfaces into the retail organisation, creating the product portfolio and pricing policy, etc.

Business plan evaluation (Europe)
On behalf of a European Government, led a project to review a business plan for a small government-owned electricity operator to create a telecommunications business. This included reviewing all aspects of the business including terms of access to government-owned assets and likely competition issues arising from a government- owned entity entering the market.

Interconnection management and negotiations (UK)
Created interconnection departments and functions from scratch in two companies. Responsibilities included strategic, commercial, regulatory and operational responsibilities; negotiating and managing Interconnection Agreements with all categories of operators including local loop, national, international and mobile.
Led a project to advise the Government of a small island on how to maximise benefits from deployment of sub-sea fibres.

Mobile retail pricing (Caribbean)
For the incumbent operator, led project to develop new product packaging and pricing strategy for mobile operator in the Caribbean, including use of focus groups and extensive cost and pricing scenario modelling.

Partnership negotiations (UK)
Negotiated strategic partnership arrangements with operators and suppliers on behalf of local loop operator.

Business case development (NL)
Led a project to build the business case for a Pan-European Mobile Virtual Network Operator Tele-housing business.

Strategy development (EU)
Undertook strategic evaluation of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) opportunities and threats for major European mobile network operator. This included development of different market scenarios and modelling the potential impact on the operator’s revenues, profitability and market share as well as identifying forms of MVNOs which could be complementary to the operator’s core business.

Business and market evaluation (EU)
Assisted venture capital company in evaluating the business proposition for a Pan-European Access Equipment Supplier, including evaluation of geographic and technological market opportunities in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Strategy review & development (UK)
Devised strategy and business model for value-added Short Message Service (SMS) provider, including partner selection criteria and models. This included the development of a business planning tool enabling the provider to evaluate potential partnership opportunities quickly against agreed criteria.

Operational review (CEE)
Reviewed voice products and operations for IP-based Central European operator and made recommendations for strategic and operational improvements – leading to major strategy revision and significant commercial and operational improvements.

Strategy & business case development (EU)
Developed Pan-European Access Strategy for large Internet Protocol (IP) network player, with associated business case, achieving board approval. Provided implementation assistance from high-level strategy to country-based roll-out plans with individual business cases.

Retail pricing strategy (UK)
Created and managed a retail pricing strategy and analysis unit in a telecoms operator, bringing together expertise covering interconnection structures and pricing, retail pricing, product portfolio management, regulation/competition policy and general commercial strategy.

Competition Economics

Introduction of Competition in Greenland
Providing wide-ranging consultancy support to TELE Greenland, the incumbent provider in Greenland, during the liberalisation process. This includes review of proposed liberalisation process and policy, comments on specific proposed regulations, support to achieve compliance with regulation and strategic support for successful operation in a competitive regulated markets.

Review of Ofcom proposals for margin squeeze regulation for broadband packages (EU)
Assist an operator in the detailed review and impact analysis of Ofcom’s proposals for an ex-ante margin squeeze regulation to be applied to wholesale broadband bundles including premium TV content and potentially including mobile services in the future.

Review of retail and wholesale broadband and business connectivity markets (EU)
Advising the Regulatory Authority of Gibraltar on the scope and prices for review competition and price levels in retail and broadband and business connectivity markets in Gibraltar. This includes data collection, analysis, international benchmarking, stakeholder consultation and development of policy recommendations.

Review of fixed retail narrowband markets (EU)
For the regulator in Gibraltar (the GRA), undertaking a review of all fixed retail narrowband markets to determine whether these are effectively or prospectively competitive and, if not, whether any one provider holds a position of significant market power (SMP). Where is established, design remedies to prevent the abuse of that position. Work also included determining the extent to which IP-telephony constitutes a substitute to conventional telephony services.

Review of all Electronic Communications Markets (Bahamas)
For the regulator and competition authority of Bahamas (URCA), performed review of The Bahamas electronic communications markets (including CATV provision) to define relevant markets and identify where any one or more licensees enjoyed a dominant position separately or collectively.

Broadband market investigation and market reviews (EU)
For the regulator in Gibraltar (The GRA), investigation into retail and wholesale broadband services and prices in Gibraltar. Including defining relevant markets, reviewing existing and prospective competition and identifying barriers to competition. Work includes review of potential margin squeeze situation and development of suitable remedies to prevent abuse of significant market power (SMP).

Development of Dominance Remedies (Bahamas)
For the regulator and competition authority of Bahamas (URCA), developed remedies for where dominance was found in our market review, this included retail and wholesale pricing, interconnection and access and remedies against a case of tying by the Cable TV provider.

Broadband pricing investigation (Europe)
Analysed costing information for incumbent provider and for competitors, and benchmarked pricing of comparable retail and wholesale broadband services to advice regulator in margin squeeze/predatory pricing investigation.

Dominance market review (Bermuda)
For the Government of Bermuda, performed review of the Bermuda electronic communications markets to define relevant markets and identify where any one or more licensees enjoyed a dominant position separately or collectively.

Market review analysis (Middle East)
For a dominant licensee, reviewed and drafted response to the regulator’s analysis of the electronic communications markets in the country and the competition analysis in these markets. This included review of underlying data and research to find other data to challenge certain of the regulator’s findings.

Market reviews (EU)
Implementing EU 2003 Directives (EU) – Assisted telecoms regulator on implementation of 2003 EU Directives in the area of market reviews and analysis including definitions of relevant markets and determination of dominance/SMP.

Margin Squeeze (Europe)
Advised telecoms regulator on competition dispute relating to the terms of supply of access and services by the dominant telecoms operator to independent internet service providers and to its fully-owned internet service provider subsidiary.

Competition guidelines (Europe)
Wrote consultation document, managed consultation process and developed guidelines on competition, cross-subsidisation and unfair discrimination for telecoms regulator.


Lobbying for Ofcom Consultations
UK Infrastructure provider (text to follow) …


Set-up interconnection functions (UK)
Created and managed regulatory and interconnection functions in two operators in the UK. This included full responsibility for all interconnection negotiations, management and administration (fixed and mobile), budget responsibility for interconnection and access, and responsibility for policy development and participation in all regulatory interconnection working parties.

Interconnection framework & Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) (Bangladesh)
Developed interconnection regulation framework in Bangladesh, including developing a model RIO, a roadmap for introducing cost-based interconnection charges and development of a dispute resolution procedure. This was part of a World Bank project.

Mobile interconnection (Middle East)
Advising a government in the Middle East on mobile interconnection regulation and the role of an independent regulator.

Development of interconnection regulation & Reference Interconnection Offer RIO (Europe)
Set-up interconnection framework in newly liberalised market, including the definition of relevant interconnection services, structure of services and pricing; development of pricing based on limited cost information and extensive benchmarking, and development of Reference Offer for Interconnection & Access.

Development of interconnection regulations (Bahamas)
Led the project for the Government of The Bahamas to create a new regulatory framework, including setting up a new regulator, and develop detailed interconnection regulations and guidelines for the introduction of competition following the privatisation of the incumbent fixed and mobile operator. This included running public workshops and managing public consultations on all issues relating to interconnection, including the setting of regulated charges for interconnection and access services.

Review of interconnection costing and charging (Europe)
For the regulator reviewed the development of cost-based charges by the dominant fixed and mobile operator, reviewing how the operator had allocated costs from its network and operations to different interconnection and access services to determine whether the charges represented the efficiently incurred costs relevant to each individual interconnection and access service.

Development of interconnection and access services for next generation networks and technologies (Europe)
For the regulators, led a project over two years to explore what interconnection and access services would be appropriate and proportionate in two small European jurisdictions, reviewing technical and operational complexity, costs, time to implement as well as the likely impact on competition and benefits to consumers from a range of products.

Interconnection expert witness (Europe)
For a regulator, provided expert opinion on leased lines and interconnection regulations for European National Regulatory Authority (NRA) in an appeal raised by the incumbent operator.

Costing of Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) services (EU)
For a regulated operator in the EU, led a project to cost the introduction of CPS and develop associated interconnection charges.

Review of regulatory accounts (Europe)
For a regulator, led a project to review the regulated accounts and accounting practices of a regulated operator, providing detailed comments on methodology and approach and recommendation for changes to support transparency and cost-causation.

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) & Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) cost benefit analysis (Europe)
Managed project for European NRA to perform a cost benefit analysis of introducing CPS and WLR into a recently liberalised market.

Mobile & fixed call termination (Sri Lanka)
Led project for regulator in Sri Lanka to develop costing of fixed and mobile call termination to introduce Calling Party Pays regime. This included development of costing models for all fixed and mobile operators in Sri Lanka and negotiation of a framework to move from Receiving Party Pays to Calling Party Pays.

Interconnection disputes (Europe)
Assisted NRA in resolving technical interconnection disputes including assistance in negotiations and provision of detailed technical advice.

Development of Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO) (EU)
Led a project to assist an incumbent operator in developing a full set of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) services and produce the RUO, including costing and pricing of the RUO services.

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) Co-location (EU)
Led project advising an EU regulator on its policy for co-location of competing operators’ equipment in British Telecom’s premises for LLU.


Licence compliance (Europe)
For a regulator provided expert opinion in a dispute with a licensee regarding the licensee’s obligations under its operating licence.

Licence breach (Caribbean)
For a regulator investigated whether a licensee had breached its licence obligations and undertook impact analysis of the alleged breach. Work included interpretation of licence conditions, review of legal case notes, analysing impact on other licensees and providing a formal opinion to the regulator.

4G application strategy (Europe)
Managed the development of the 4G licence application for an integrated fixed and mobile provider. Work included development of commercial propositions and commitments for the licence bid, drafting technical specifications and requirements and modelling the financial case.

Investment Appraisal and Due Diligence

Valuation of a full-service telecommunications operator (EU)
Led a project to value a full-service telecommunications operator (fixed, mobile, internet service provision), including full investigation into technical and operational, regulatory and financial aspects of the business.

IPO, M&A & due diligence (Europe)
Participated in several Initial Public Offering (IPO),re-financing and merger processes, with involvement in overall commercial/regulatory strategy and due diligence as well as operational and structural integration/change.

Business development (UK)
Led corporate business development team in telecoms operator and evaluated opportunities for alliances or acquisitions with recommendations to board.

M&A and due diligence (UK)
Identified potential take-over opportunity and led due diligence process.

Expert Witness Services

Expert services in VoIP
Providing expert services in litigation relevant to valuation of VoIP based services in the Middle East.

Mobile signal strength (Europe)
Assisted a regulator in a dispute between mobile providers where one claimed that the other had increased its signal strength at the airport to capture roaming clients. Work increased review of technical analyses of signal strengths and statistical information about assignment of roaming visitors to different networks.

Interconnection, regulatory and contractual (SEE)
Provided expert witness services in an international arbitration between two telecoms operators relating to past traffic exchanges, how these were measured, what contractual and regulatory obligations should applied and what the most appropriate charges should have been.

Margin squeeze investigation (Europe)
Investigated allegations of margin squeeze in broadband pricing by a vertically integrated operator. Analysis included developing an Reasonably Efficient Operator (REO) model and testing wholesale and retail pricing assumptions against this. Model was built using inputs from all provides in the market.

Mobile tower sharing (Europe)
Assisted a regulator in resolving an inter-operator dispute over tower-sharing. The work included interpretation of contractual and regulatory obligations and analysis of the technical limitations of the relevant towers as well as benchmarking other tower sharing arrangements.

Contractual payments dispute (EU)
Provided expert witness services in an international arbitration concerning the resolution of a dispute between value-added SMS service providers. The analysis included review of the roles of the two providers in the value-chain and the analysis of contractual obligations including technical parameters and performance guarantees and how these impacted payment obligations.

Anticompetitive pricing dispute (Caribbean)
For a regulator, investigated complaints by one telecoms operator that another operator was pricing anti-competitively and damaged the other operator’s business. This involved financial and economic analysis to identify the underlying costs of provision and a review of whether the retail pricing constituted anti-competitive pricing.


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