In regulated sectors, seemingly small changes to regulation can create significant new opportunities or have a devastating effect on existing models. We try to stay abreast of regulatory change and the GOS Consulting team occasionally produce documents on subjects we think are relevant to our clients. Whether change is caused by new technologies, consumer behaviour, or regulatory interventions, it is important to understand the nature and causes of that change. We hope that our discussion documents go some way towards achieving that clarity and understanding.

Below is a selection of documents we have produced, we would be very interested in your thoughts and comments. Email us on to share your views or if you would like to hear our analysis and views on other topics.

ERT 1 – ERT Introductory Paper
ERT 2 – Applying the ERT post copper regulation
ERT 3 – Application of Anchor Pricing under the EECC
ERT 4 – Evaluating how the ERT could be applied under the EECC


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